Suzanne Glover Lindsay

Parish Historian and Curator


As part of its return to life in 2017, St. Stephen’s invited Dr. Lindsay to take charge of its historical research and publications—and of its curatorial needs, as the church has been famous for its art and architecture since its earliest years. An art historian, Suz has divided her career between academic teaching (mostly at the University of Pennsylvania) and museum curatorial work (mostly at the National Gallery of Art). She has organized museum exhibitions and published widely in her field, 18th and 19th century European painting and sculpture. Her most recent book on French funerary art and cult of that period led her to St. Stephen’s for the first time, for its tombs. Suz’s research for the church thus far has guided the extraordinary remodeling of the Furness transept and, through tours, brochures and blogs, shaped what we know about and how we look at the building, its community, and its activities over time. She is also organizing the church archives to encourage and facilitate future research. Suz and her husband Bruce live in Center City.

Suz writes about the archives and church history on our news page—check it out by following the link below! If you have research inquiries, feel free to contact Suz.